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Tales from the Underworld
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The Language of Paradise by Barbara Klein Moss

The Language of Paradise: A Novel - Barbara Klein Moss

The premise sounded interested and it started off well enough, especially in terms of the writing style.  Unfortunately, it didn't deliver what the blurb promised, instead jumping back in time to plod through the introduction of the main characters, rather than getting to the meat of the story.  It wasn't until much later that the described plot got going, well after I'd already lost interest in the book overall.

It just felt like too many unbelievable and unrealistic things kept getting piled on, both in terms of the characters and situations, as well as some of their attitudes and thoughts.  (The odd mentions of masturbation didn't really add anything either.)  It just felt rather childish and empty, like the author was telling a story by playing with paper dolls, rather than showing a glimpse of real people doing interesting things.