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Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe

Ugh.  I am glad to be done reading this one. 


I had a copy of this book when I was younger, and somehow I never managed to get around to reading it.  Now that I've read the whole thing, I wonder if I just had a psychic feelings of how much I would have hated it if I'd read it.


It's my own fault that I had to read it now though.  I'm in a book group that reads banned books, and I foolishly included this one on a list of possible future selections, without doing a little research first.  From all I'd heard of it in passing, it just seemed like one of those books that everyone has been meaning to read but never did.


To begin with, the writing isn't all that good, so that's one count against it.  And then, the book is full of so many racial stereotypes -- and is the source behind a number of names for such stereotypes -- that it's hard not to cringe while reading it.  And, on top of all that, it is super saturated in religion, as the author believed that Christianity was the answer to all that ails society.


I could say more, but I'm just glad to be done with it.  Too bad I can't get all those wasted hours back!