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Heidegger's Glasses - Thaisa Frank

The story was unique, set during WWII, but built around an imagined world of translators working for the Nazis to write unanswered letters from the dead (or soon to be dead). I was intrigued in the storyline, though parts of it were a bit odd, so I dug in to see where it went.The first half of the book went along at a good pace, and I was interested to get to know the main characters and see where things went. About halfway in though, it felt like it started waning. There were a lot of characters that weren't very developed, and some of the story just seemed too unbelievable. I kept going though, wanting to see things through.Unfortunately, the last 1/5 or 1/6 of the book was rather disappointing. The story suddenly went in an unexpected and unexplained direction, and then the whole thing sped up so that it covered many decades in that segment. I almost wondered if the author had gotten bored with the story and just wanted to get it all over with. Perhaps she didn't want to give it the happy ending you hope for, but instead all you get is a very dissatisfying finish.The style of writing was really enjoyable, and the letters interspersed between chapters helped to illustrate what was going on at this time. However, the ending kind of sours the overall experience a bit.